About Us

Arts outreach to hundreds of social/educational organizations.

Artreach-Dallas, Inc. is the only organization in Dallas whose sole purpose is arts outreach to hundreds of social/educational organizations. Our mission is to ensure access to the arts and cultural events of our city for economically disadvantaged children and adults, the disabled and elderly.

Artreach achieves its goals via these programs:

The Community Events Program:

Allowing underserved individuals to attend a wide variety of arts and cultural events throughout our city free of charge. This in turn, not only increases a sense of well-being but also reduces the sense of isolation among our socio-economically disadvantaged, disabled and elderly participants.

The Arts in Education residencies:

developed for at-risk elementary students providing arts workshops and activities with Dallas area artists. This major component of our programming heightens self-esteem through self-expression and creative interaction while providing employment opportunities for area professional artists. We are an active member of ArtsPartners, providing arts-in-education programs to schools.

Artreach Senior Theatre Arts Program:

an important and popular program at Senior Centers. We also provide mixed media visual arts workshops for Senior Citizens. This serves to maintain self-esteem while keeping mental and physical faculties sharp.

The Booking Service and annual Arts & Cultural Resource Directory:

This indispensable resource connects educators and their students with arts and cultural experiences in our community through coordination, consulting services, education and community outreach activities. The Arts & Cultural Resource Directory is distributed to over 15,000 teachers and administrators. This not only provides a “one-stop” planning center for Dallas teachers, greatly reducing the work to plan calendars but also provides advertising/support opportunities for Dallas businesses and arts institutions.

The Community Events Program is possible because of the generosity of over 150 arts and cultural institutions, donating from 10 to 2500 tickets for any given event. From the time that tickets are donated we then rely on volunteers to place calls, gather groups, represent Artreach at venues, acting as liaisons between the box office and attendees. This coordination only exemplifies the true nature of our programs – that of community. Not only are the events appreciated but connects are made, relationships forged and a true enlivening of the spirit. This also provides invaluable additional support for our local arts and culture institutions.

The Arts in Education residencies put artists where they are most needed – in area schools, especially those lacking arts programming. Through dance workshops, mural creation, storytelling and story making children considered at-risk are not only exposed to but have the opportunity to get involved with arts and culture using their imaginations, influenced by their own experience and context. The opportunity for artists to really experience the community they create from proves to be inspiration and motivating for them as well.

Creative writing, improvisation and standard theater conventions are all part of the Artreach Senior Theatre Arts Program. Projects open the door for individual creative expression. From visual art residencies centered on design and application to advanced drawing and painting classes, participants often continue to meet on their own long after the program is finished. For one play, participants worked with local playwriters, directors and theater artists on various ways of using their own life experience as subject matter. The ten-week program culminated with a public performance to a standing-room only crowd in a professional theater space. These programs serve to increase self-awareness, esteem and analytical thinking, all critically important to maintaining a lively and vibrant mind.

With the number who benefit from our mission reaching over 200,000 individuals annually, Artreach continues steadfast in its efforts to further develop programming, partners and clients so that all groups, those in low-income circumstances, the disabled and elderly can experience with life-enriching magic we all know our city’s rich arts communities provide.

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