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6 Tips on How to Make Moving Stress-Free For You and Your Pets

6 Tips on How to Make Moving Stress-Free For You and Your Pets

While it is true that your pet does not have to concern his or herself with packing boxes or determining which items will be tossed out before a move, this does not mean the transition is not stressful for them. Cats and dogs become connected to the place they call home and view it as the safe haven they receive food, care, and shelter. A sudden change in location can result in frayed nerves, failed appetite, and an upset stomach for your pet.

The six tips above will assure your upcoming move will be as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet.

1. Discuss The House

Your pet is quite aware of what is going on. Boxes are being packed, furniture is being moved, and people your pet does not know are running in and out of the home. You would not uproot one of your children without explaining the situation to them, so do not do this to your pet.

As you are moving around the house packing your belongings talk to your pet about all the things the two of you will enjoy in the new home. Your pet will be reassured by the positive vibes you send his or her way and not feel so uneasy about the changes taking place.

2. Thoroughly Clean The New Home

You will never know what went on inside of the new home before it belonged to you. Perhaps the last family had many pets of their own inside the house and did not clean behind them as well as you do. You should clean the new home thoroughly before allowing your pet to enter. The absence of a scent from another animal will cause your pet to feel comfortable a little faster.

3. Explore The Home

You would never consider moving into a home you have not visited first. So why expect this from your pet? Now that you have talked to your pet and cleaned the new home, the next step is to visit the home a time or two before the move in date. You should leave treats around the home for your pet to find. This will encourage positive feelings regarding the new environment.

4. Find A Safe Place

You should set up a space that is safe for your pet to relax as soon as you move into a new home. Place all your pet’s favorite toys in this location and make sure he or she understands this is the place to escape to whenever they feel overwhelmed.

5. Keep A Routine

Knowing when things will happen each day is a great comfort to a pet. Moving will force you to switch some things up a bit but do your best to remain constant regarding feeding times, walks, and playtime with your pet.

6. Invite Friends And Family

Once your pet is a little comfortable with the new surroundings, you should invite your pet’s favorite friends and family over for a visit. A friendly face or two will further the comfort your pet feels and encourage them to enjoy their new home.

The Bottom Line

Even though your pet will not be responsible for actively moving the belongings in your home, a move will still cause stress to the pet. Remember the six tips above as your move approaches. They will help you and your pet to keep your heads throughout the move.


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